concerts 2019
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ensemble reflexion K

concerts 2019



06.01.2019, 11:30 a.m., Eckernfoerde, Museum
closing of the exhibition "Wilhelm Lehmann"
compositions from Blas Urruty and Gerald Eckert


18.01.2019, 10.00 p.m., Eckernfoerde, Nicolaichurch
Preview  of the re-opening of the restored St. Nicolai church
"Nachtbogen" by Gerald Eckert

(Beatrix Wagner performs with Gerald Eckert: violoncello)


06.02.2019, 00.12 - 02.00 a.m., Bavarian broadcast (BR 2)
broadcast of "reading unicorn skulls - the town - engraved dreams" for small ensemble by Peter Gahn


15.02.-17.02.2019, Eckernfoerde, Nicolai church,
7. "Provinzlärm" Festival
compositions from J. Cage, G. Eckert, G. F. Haas, N. A. Huber, M. Isaksson, C. Ives,
B. Mather, C. Larson, D. Mack, O. Messiaen, K. Olofsson, G. Scelsi, R. Souto,
L. Streich and G. Terzi

Ensemble Lipparella (S), Norddeutsche Sinfonietta, Ensemble Reflexion K

For details see: www.provinzlaerm-festival.de


22.02.2019, 00.12 - 02.00 a.m., Bavarian broadcast (BR 2)
broadcast of "Bruchstücke... erstarrtes Lot" for ensemble by Gerald Eckert


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