Ensemble Reflexion K
Beatrix Wagner
Joachim Striepens
Jorge García del Valle
Delphine Gauthier-Guiche
Matthias Jann
Eva Curth
Martin von der Heydt
Lenka Zupková
Kirstin Maria Pientka
Christiane Veltman
Burkart Zeller
Heiko Maschmann
Andre Bartetzki
Gerald Eckert

Ensemble Reflexion K

ensemble for contemporary music

© Marco Ehrhardt

ensemble reflexion K is based in the Baltic seaside resort town of Eckernfoerde, Schleswig-Holstein, which makes it Germany«s most northern new music ensemble.
ensemble reflexion K was formed in 2001 by a group of young, ambitious musicians who pursue their interest in the very newest music with passion, verve and fire, extending their curiosity to the most diverse aspects of contemporary art in all its forms.
Consistently concentrated, critical and conceptual, ensemble reflexion K come to grips with the most diverse productions of national and international composers. The resulting projects are highly unconventional, bringing theatrical, spatial and many other interdisciplanary aspects into play. Many things have begun to happen on the Schleswig-Holstein new music scene as a result of ensemble reflexion K's involvement: their 2006 recital series in Kiel resulted in the CHIFFREN Festival - Kiel New Music Days, while the Eckernfoerde New Music Concert Series expanded in 2007 to produce the festival PROVINZLÄRM. ensemble reflexion K's concerts are regularly broadcast on Kiel TV. ensemble reflexion K have toured throughout Germany, as well as in USA, Denmark, Italy and Lithuania. Festival appearances include 2004 "Before The Symbol" in Baku, Azerbaijan, where they presented concerts and workshops on new music in Germany, and were invited to come to the 2005 Roaring Hoofs Festival in Mongolia. In 2006 they were part of the Global Sounds concert series at the Football World Championships in Hamburg, and also appeared in the 10th Kryptonale in Berlin.
In 2009 ensemble reflexion K went to Argentina and Uruguay to present there new compositions for flute, harp, accordion and cello by South-american and European composers and were invited to perform at Tres Cantos Festival (Madrid) and SICM Festival Seoul (South Korea).
The ensemble reflexion K have recorded with NDR, HR, WDR, MDR and Deutschlandfunk and released several CDs...